The Business Plan

The Business Plan is a private and branded team account with access to more customization and productivity features. You can add as many team members and guests as you need (for teams larger than 15, get in touch to learn about our enterprise packages).

There is both a monthly and a yearly Business subscription option. Users added to the team will be billed at a prorated amount depending on your billing start date.

YEARLY: $25/month/user ($300 paid yearly)

MONTHLY: $30/month/user

Your team account is a branded and private dashboard to work together with internal and external colleagues to all work under the same roof. The Business plan includes:

  • Unlimited folios. Owners, admins and team members can create as many folios as you need. (Tip: copy/move sections to simplify creating your folios)
  • Unlimited exports. Export your entire folios, individual modules or exports without limits. Learn more.
  • Removed Xtensio branding from all shared versions of your folios. Learn more.
  • Customize shared links. You will have a custom team domain (e.g. and you and your team members will be able to customize individual folio and template links. Learn more.
  • Customize the team Style Guide. Add your brand fonts and colors to lock branding across your team and all deliverables. Learn more.
  • Save and publish custom templates. Learn more.
  • Add password protection to shared links for extra security. Learn more.
  • View folio stats. Have visibility of team editing progress and see basic engagement levels on your shared links. Learn more.
  • Team Management. Add team members and guests and control access levels. Learn more about Business user roles here.
  • Collaboration. Add team members and guests as collaborators to work on your folios together from anywhere in the world. All changes save and sync to all devices in real-time. Learn more.
  • 6-month access to revision history. If someone on your team makes a mistake, view revision history and revert to an older version. Learn more.
  • An increased 5 MB image upload limit (per image).
  • Access to all basic features.

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