Create your team

You’ll create your team workspace when you login for the first time as a free user. You may also be invited to join a team that someone else has already created.

Here’s how to set up your team:

  • Choose a team name: We’ll use this name your team dashboard and address your team members in notifications.
  • Choose a team URL: This is where you, your team members and guests will login. This URL will also be attached to all folios created or transferred into the team account.
  • Add your logo: Your logo will replace the Xtensio logo whenever you, your team members or guests are logged into the team dashboard.
  • Add your fonts: Add fonts from Google, set the default font and remove unnecessary fonts. These will be the fonts available for all team members to use when logged into the team dashboard. Learn more.
  • Add your team members: Give access to clients and coworkers. Learn more about different team user roles here.
  • Create shared team templates: Save any folio you or your team members create as a custom template to reuse again and again. You can save templates privately or share with the team.
  • Set up shared channels: Channels are like team folders – organize your folios into different categories and make them Team Visible to give your whole team access. Or keep the channel private and individually add team members and guests to edit and add folios to the channel.


Learn how to navigate your team account. 

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