Working with canvases

Divide your folio into columns, stack modules and have more control of the layout with a blank canvas.

The Blank Canvas. It’s in the name. A blank canvas is a tool that you can use in any folio to commit your vision to a blank page. Start from scratch. The blank canvas is the most flexible canvas we have. You can divide your folio into columns and stack different modules in the canvas.

canvas banner

There are two ways to add a canvas to your folio:

  • Select the ‘Add +’ icon at the top left of your edit screen. Then switch the tab at the top of the pop-up from ‘module’ to ‘canvas.’ This will place the canvas at the bottom of your folio.
  • You can also add canvases at the bottom of individual sections of your folio via the ‘add module’ link under the gear icon at the top right of each section. Then switch the tab at the top of the pop-up from ‘module’ to ‘canvas.’

Here are some things you can do with canvases:

Along with the blank canvas, you can utilize the User PersonaBusiness Model Canvas, or Lean Canvas to incorporate your favorite features from those folios into any folio you’re creating.


Learn more about working with modules here and using sections to divide your folios into slides.

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