Create a new channel

Group folios by category. Create channels based on template type, client or department.


Navigate to the sidebar on the left-hand side to select “+ New Channel” and give your channel a name. You can organize and group your folios by template type, client, or department. Here are some examples of ways you can group your folios.

  • By Type: Persona, Lean Canvas, SWOT Analysis, Content Strategy, etc.
  • By Client: Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, etc.
  • By Department: Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.
  • By Project Due Dates: April Push 1, May Push 2, etc.

You can employ just one, several, or all of these naming conventions at the same time. When you click on a channel along the sidebar, your dashboard will show you only folios that have been added a specific channel.

Learn more about channels.

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