Share channels

Group folios by categories and share the channel landing page to showcase a batch of folios.

You can share a batch of folios with team members, stakeholders, or clients using channels. Say you want to share all of your personas with your marketing team or share a specific persona, lean canvas, and content strategy with a single client. Now, by sharing a channel, you are able to share multiple folios at one time.


Channels essentially work like folders. Channels group your folios together and folios can be added to multiple channels. To share a channel, just hover over the specific channel on the left sidebar and click on the share (link) icon. After turning on link sharing, you can grab the unique URL or share via the social media buttons.

Just like individual folios, you can even password protect the whole batch of folios on the Business plan. In this case, anyone who opens the link will have to input a password to access the folios.

Learn more about channels.

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