Archive and delete folios

Delete an active folio from your dashboard. Recover an archived folio if you need to edit or share it again.

You can delete folios that you no longer need on your dashboard, or if you’ve reached your folio limit and want to remove a folio to make room for a new one. To do so:

  • Hover over the folio you want to delete and select the 3-dot ‘more’ menu. You can also select the 3-dot dropdown menu at the top right of the edit screen.
  • Choose ‘delete.’


When you delete a folio from your active folios, it essentially hides and archives it before it is permanently deleted from the system. Archive retention time is depicted by your team’s plan:

  • Free: 2 weeks
  • Pro: 3 months
  • Business: 6 months

To manage your archived folios:

  • Switch your dashboard view from ‘active folios’ to ‘delete folios’ via the dropdown at the top right.
  • To reactivate an archived folio, hover over the folio and select ‘recover.’
  • To permanently delete an archived folio, hover over the card and select ‘delete forever.’

Learn more about managing your dashboard here.

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