Collaborating on channels

Channels are essentially folders. Group folios by category. Add multiple channels to any folio. Share batches of folios as a landing page.

Channels allow you to essentially “tag” each of your folios into categories. Having a method to organize your many folios into groups is essential in decluttering your Xtensio workspace. But beyond that, channels make working with teams more efficient and less chaotic. You can add people as channel collaborators to give team members and guests editing access to groups of folios and you can share whole batches of folios on a special landing page to showcase collateral related to different projects your team is working on.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Create a new channel.
Step 2: 
Add folios to your channel.
Step 3: Manage channel collaborators.
Step 4: 
Share your channel as a link.
Step 5. 
Customize the landing page.

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