How do I create a folio?

Learn how to build your folio with sections, modules and canvases and use your toolbar to customize your content.

You can get started on a new folio by selecting the large red ‘+’ icon at the top right of your edit screen. From there, you can start with one of our templates or create a blank folio. Use the editor like a web builder to create your living doc however you need. Customizing your folios is simple with Xtensio’s intuitive editor.

  • Build your folio with interactive modules. These are the content holder of your folio. Move and resize. Add a background. Duplicate and share. Learn more.
  • Style your content with the toolbar. Format text styles. Insert images, videos, text links and tables. Learn more.
  • Split your folio into slides with sections. Sections act as digital slides or can be used as pages on export for print. Rearrange. Change the background. Duplicate, share or export. Learn more.
  • Divide your folios into columns with canvases. Canvases help you control the layout of your folio. Change the number of columns and stack modules. Update the color scheme or add a background with one click. Learn more.


Learn more about creating your folios.

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