Share a weblink

Share a folio URL. Email the folio link directly to colleagues. Embed the folio on your website to attach it to your domain. Add a password.

Keep everyone up-to-date and cut down on the email attachments by sharing your folio’s responsive web link. All edits are synced with the live folio URL, so anyone who has the link will see the latest version of the folio.

Share a Web Link

  • Go to “Get Link” at the top right of your edit screen and turn on link sharing. If you have Xtensio for Business, you have the ability to password protect your folio and customize the folio URL. You’ll then have three tabs to choose from.
  • URL – You can copy and paste the direct folio URL or even share it on social. The direct web view of your folio essentially functions as any normal web page. It’s responsive and viewable on any device.

TIP: Check the option at the bottom if you want to index your folio on search (or not). You can also select whether you’d like the shareable link have the option to present the folio as a slideshow.

  • Email – You can directly send an email to your colleague to view your folio. Just enter an email and include an optional message.
  • Embed – You can grab an “iframe” code that allows you to paste HTML code into your website or blog. More details can be found here.


Learn more about the different ways to share your folios here.

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