Export a PDF or PNG

Download your folio as a PDF or PNG file. Customize the size, layout and page breaks of your PDF. Or export a single scroll PDF for screen.

On all of our premium plans, you can export your folio or individual elements of your folio as a PDF or PNG file. Your responsive folio easily transforms into a document when you need a hard copy to share with your clients and store in your records.

Export a PDF or PNG

  • To export your folio, select “Download” from the navigation toolbar.
  • If you’d like to export a PDF, you can export it as a single-scroll file or break it into slides/pages for print. You can find more tips about using these export customization features here.
  • If you’d like to export a PNG, switch over to the PNG tab and click “Export PNG.”
  • Single-scroll and PNG exports will automatically populate a preview. If this looks ok, you can select download to export the folio.
  • For the slides/pages option, you’ll be prompted to preview the export with the customization options before exporting it.

Learn more about the different ways to share your folios here.

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