Present a digital slideshow

Share your folio as a digital presentation. Sections of your folio act as digital slides. Navigate through slides using your keyboard.

The presentation mode allows you share your folio as a digital slideshow during a board meeting, an investor pitch or a class lecture. You can divide your folio into sections to define what content is shown on each slide.

Present in Full Screen

  • To go into full screen presentation mode, select “Present” from the navigation toolbar.
  • Each section of your folio will appear as a single slide. If a section’s content extends pass the viewport, you will be able to scroll up and down on the slide.
  • Navigate through each section using your left and right arrow keys or click on the arrows in the top right corner.
  • If you press Esc one time you will go into a reduced full-screen version to include. If you press Esc again you will exit presentation mode altogether. Clicking the “Exit” button in the top right will immediately remove you from presentation mode as well.


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