What is a folio?

With Xtensio, your ideas easily transform into beautiful and collaborative deliverables. These folios are ‘living documents and presentations’. Here are a couple of definitions of a folio:

  • A folio is a digital slideshow, a responsive web page and an exportable document all-in-one.
  • A folio is also your editing environment where you’ll use different building blocks and the toolbar to create your finished folio.


A folio can be created either be starting with one of Xtensio’s pre-made templates or stretching your creative wings and using the blank slate tool to create something from scratch. Your folios are responsive to all screen sizes. And all edits are automatically saved and synced across all devices.

To spark your creativity, we’ve created guiding templates and editable examples for entrepreneurs, marketers, strategists, consultants, researchers, designers, project managers and more.

Learn more about creating your folios.

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