What is Xtensio?

Xtensio is a strategy and communications platform that allows users to create, collaborate on, manage and share visual, live documents and presentations. Over 500,000 consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, sales teams and educators use Xtensio to build smarter documents and streamline their workflow.

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What can I do with Xtensio?

  • Create beautiful, living presentations and documents without design experience. The intuitive editor works like a web builder so you can customize your projects however you need. Learn more.
  • Save time by working together. Collaborate with anyone from anywhere. Remove or change access levels any time and revert to past versions if someone makes a mistake. Learn more.
  • Cut down on email attachments and easily keep everyone up-to-date. Folios are “living presentations and documents” that easily adapt to your work. Present a digital slideshow, share a responsive web link or export a PDF or PNG (paid feature). Learn more.
  • Maintain visibility of your team’s progress. Keep your folios and collaborators organized on your dashboard. Organize, collaborate on and share groups of folios with channels. View folio stats to see basic editing and engagement analytics. Change access levels, save templates and more right from your dashboard. Learn more.
  • Build your differentiating factor. Create any business collateral you need with the flexible editor. Or utilize complete toolboxes to find templates, examples and instructional guides for every team.

Two active folios and access to core functionality, including team collaboration and customization, link-sharing and presenting, is free. Xtensio’s premium plans include more productivity features – more folios, unlimited exports, removed Xtensio branding, folio stats, passwords and more.

Free users can also buy export credits as a one-time purchase. These credits never expire. Learn more.

Who uses Xtensio?

  • Agencies who want to easily create beautiful deliverables for their clients and streamline the process of working with clients.
  • Consultancies who want to simplify workflow, impress clients and manage all projects on a single platform.
  • Startups looking for an interactive toolbox to help launch better products and find product-market fit faster.
  • Sales teams who need a centralized hub to drive efficiency, engage buyers and close sales faster.
  • Educators and students looking for strategic templates and interactive features to complement business education.
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