Your dashboard is your team’s home base. This is where all of your folios will live and be accessed by your team players. Here's everything you need to know about managing the collaborative team dashboard and organizing folios and collaborators with shared channels.

Dashboard Basics (4)

  • Your dashboard

    Your dashboard is where all of your active folios live – where you can create new folios from a blank folio, template, or example, manage your team, and your projects to streamline your workflow. Use collaborative channels to group folios, collaborate with your team on projects and organize them per topic or project Add folio […]

  • Duplicate a folio

    You can create a copy of any of your folios in a couple of clicks. You can duplicate a folio from inside the editor or from your dashboard. If you’re duplicating a folio from your dashboard: On your dashboard, hover over the folio you want to make a copy of and select the 3-dot “more” […]

  • Archive and delete folios

    Delete a folio from your dashboard, retrieve it from the Archive if you need to edit or share it again. You can delete your folio both from inside the editor and from your dashboard view: From your dashboard, hover over the folio you want to delete and select the 3-dot “More” menu. You can also select […]

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Channels (7)

  • Organize folios with channels

    Channels serve as collaborative folders. You can use them to group folios by topic, project, term, or any other category that helps you stay focused and organized. Your folios can be added to multiple channels and these can be shared with specific team members, made team-visible, or kept private. This section of our help center […]

  • Create a new channel

    Navigate to the sidebar on the left-hand side to select “+ New Channel” and give your channel a name. You can organize your folios by template type, client, or department. Here are some examples of ways you can group your folios: By Type: Persona, Lean Canvas, SWOT Analysis, Content Strategy, etc. By Client: Company 1, […]