Collaborating on folios

Add anyone as a collaborator to work on your folios together. Change access levels and remove collaborators at anytime.

With Xtensio for Business, you can collaborate on your folios with anyone, anywhere in the world. Xtensio’s Collaboration feature helps users facilitate the exchange of ideas for their businesses. Whether you and a colleague are across the room or on opposite ends of the world, Collaboration brings your work to one place on multiple screens. And if you make a mistake or don’t like a change you’ve made, just restore a previous version of your folio with Revision History.


  • Real-time collaboration. Work on the same folio as your colleagues, clients, or stakeholders at the same time.
  • Unlimited collaborators. Work with as many people as you’d like on the same folio. Each collaborator will have their own folio limit based on their subscription plan (the Free plan has a 1-folio limit). For teams working on multiple folios together, the Business plan streamlines this process with single billing.
  • Revision history. Made a mistake? Don’t like a change you or a collaborator made? Revert back to previous versions of your folio with just a few clicks.


  • Add and remove collaborators. Learn how
  • Change access levels (view only or edit). Learn how
  • See what collaborators are doing on the folio. Learn how
  • Leave the folio as a collaborator. Learn how
  • Use revision history. Learn how
  • Navigate between shared and owned folios. Learn how
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