Undo and redo edits

You can undo and redo specific edits within individual modules using your toolbar.

Undo and Redo

  • If you make a mistake in a module, you have the option to undo/redo the last changes you made inside that module.
  • Just place your cursor inside the module you want to undo or redo the last edits from and select the ‘undo‘ or ‘redo‘ icon at the right of your toolbar.
  • The undo and redo actions only affect the changes made within the individual module. That means if you click into another module, you can undo or redo those changes even if you made recent edits in another module.


If you’ve deleted a module, canvas or section from your folio, it’s not possible to undo this action. You can, however, revert to an older version of your folio from before the module was deleted. You can learn more about revision history here.

And you can learn more about using your toolbar here.

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