Insert text links and add tables

Make your folios interactive by linking any text to an outside URL.

Insert Text Links

  • First, highlight the words you want to be linked and then click the “Insert Link” button on the toolbar.
  • Then paste in the url. You can also choose whether to have the link open in a new tab.

Insert Tables into a Text Module

  • Place your cursor inside the text module you’d like to add the table to.
  • Then select the “Insert Table” button on your toolbar.
  • The table size maxes at 10×10 but you can add several charts together if you want more rows and columns. Also, since the table is transparent, the background images and colors will show through the table.
  • Once the table is added to your folio, you can click inside the table to find more table formatting options.


Learn more about working with your toolbar here.

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