Adding and removing channel collaborators

manage channel collaborators

Switch channel access between PRIVATE and TEAM VISIBLE 

When you click on a channel along the sidebar, your dashboard will show you only folios that have been added to a specific channel. On the channel view, you will see a navigation bar at the top of the screen where you can manage your channel settings and collaborator access levels. Channel collaboration gives members and guests editing access to all folios in the channel and these collaborators will automatically be given editing access to any folios added to the channel later.

  • Private – By default, your channel is set to private. Only you and any individual channel collaborators you add will have access to the folios in this channel. You can click on the “Add People” button to add channel members and guests.
  • Team Visible – This setting will give all of your admins and team members access to the channel. You can then add premium guests as additional channel collaborators via the ‘Add People” icon.

Manage additional channel collaborators

When you select the “Add People” icon at the top of the channel view, you’ll be able to manage channel collaborators. You can invite new collaborators and remove collaborators from the current list. There are two distinctions between channel collaborators:

  • Channel Members: These collaborators include the team admins and members. When the channel is set to “Team Visible,” all of these users will be added as channel collaborators. In private, you can add and remove team members as channel collaborators individually.
  • Channel Guests: Premium guests on your team can be added to any channel as a collaborator. These guests cannot create new channels or add folios to channels.

Note: Free guests on your team cannot be added as channel collaborators because they are limited to accessing a single folio at a time.


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